Lay Team Ministry

Oct 2000                    Kirk Session held a Conference in Quarrier’s Homes to      
                                  discuss the possible introduction of Lay Team Ministry.
Nov 2000                  Kirk Session agreed to implement Lay Team Ministry
                                  Lay Team Ministry Group set up to undertake the process of
                                  implementing Lay Team Ministry. This Group is accountable to
                                  the Kirk Session.
Nov 2000 –   Mar 2001
                                  All Elders’ Districts were disbanded and New   
                                  Neighbourhood Groups formed.  
                                  These were small geographical groupings in
                                  various sizes between 4 and 12 households.  Specific Groups
                                  were drawn up for those in Care Homes and a Postal Group for
                                  those living outwith the area.   Where possible Neighbourhood
                                  Contacts should be in their own group and these Contacts do
                                  not require to be elders.   The Neighbourhood Contacts deliver
                                  the Church Magazine The Messenger 10 months of the year
                                  and also Communion Invitations.
                                  A Neighbourhood Booklet was drawn up and distributed to
                                  Neighbourhood Contacts and Elders.
                                  Notification procedures were set up for Changes and Church 
                                  Roll Distribution:
                                  All Church Committees were disbanded and Teams were drawn
                                  up with all groups and organisations under the responsibility of
                                  a Team.
                                  The Process of appointing Team Leaders and Assistants
                                 The Church Roll was computerised in two formats – one in
                                 alphabetical order and one in Neighbourhood Groups.   Both
                                 contained the number of the group, the Neighbourhood Contact
                                 and Neighbourhood Elder.
Mar 2001                 Congregational Meeting held and Presentation on Lay Team
                                 Ministry given.
                                 Information Packs given to Congregation with information on
                                Teams and invitation to join Teams of their choice.
May 2001                 Kirk Session approved Neighbourhood Contacts
Nov 2001                 Neighbourhood Groups came into being.
                                 Neighbourhood Elders have the spiritual responsibility of two or
                                 three Neighbourhood Groups to visit and they work alongside
                                 the Neighbourhood Contacts.   The Elders give cards to their
                                 members containing the contact details of the Minister, the
                                 Neighbourhood Contact and Elder.
                                 The Lay Team Ministry Group undertake the responsibility of m
                                 maintaining the Neighbourhood Groups to ensure they are fully
                                 staffed.   They also ensure that all the Teams are running
                                 effectively.   This Group also look at updating any aspect of Lay
                                 Team Ministry in line with the way forward of the Church.
                                 The Team Leaders report once per year direct to the Lay Team
                                 Ministry Group and this report is given to the Kirk Session
                                 through the reports by the Lay Team Ministry Group.
                                 The Lay Team Ministry Group organise an Annual Get Together
                                 of Neighbourhood Contacts and Neighbourhood Elders where
                                 updated information is given and there is an opportunity for
                                 The Lay Team Ministry Group organise an Annual Gathering of
                                 Team Leaders who give an overview of the activities within
                                  their Teams and report on how things are going.
                                  At Present there are 10 Teams:
                                   Young People’s Team
                                   Outreach Team
                                   Administration Team
                                   Communication Team 
                                   Fellowship Team  
                                   Pastoral & Care Team 
                                   Fabric Team  
                                   Practical Support  
The Lay Team Ministry Group meet on a regular basis throughout the year.   Each Team Leader attends a meeting and gives their report.  The Group is continually looking at ways to take forward any new initiatives and keep the Neighbourhood Groups abreast of what is going on in the Church.   The structures in place for Lay Team Ministry works well in Hillington Park Church and the congregation is kept aware of who is doing what and they are also given every opportunity to be part of the Teams.
Jan Blackie
Lay Team Ministry Group