What we believe

Hillington Park`s Mission statement is to “Bring as many as possible to a knowledge of Jesus Christ and to nurture them in that relationship”. This Mission statement has been at the heart of Hillington Park for many years.

We firmly believe in the Trinity; Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We seek to have a balanced Trinitarian approach to our beliefs and practices. We are dependent upon the love of God our Heavenly Father. We trust in his Son, Jesus Christ as our Saviour. We seek to live in the power of the Holy Spirit. We believe in the Bible as being God`s inspired Word and we seek our guidance, at all times, from God’s Word.

We hold to the Presbyterian model of Church government. We work closely with other mainline Christian denominations in our locality and we fully support the work of the G52 Churches. We have a heart for Mission, locally and world wide. We are keen to support, encourage and develop all projects that aim to improve the lives of those who live in our parish. We have a very strong link with the work of Street Children in Uganda.

We have a biblical ministry and God`s Word is preached every Sunday. We believe in the power of prayer and of healing. We believe in Outreach and Mission and we seek to continually become a Church Without Walls.

We are committed to Lay Team Ministry, which is all about involving everyone in the church in ministry. We are committed to Natural Church Develop which focuses on the 8 quality characteristics which are found in every healthy church. We are continually seeking to develop the qualities of those characteristics.

Why not come and journey with us, as we develop our individual relationships with God and also our community life?