Minibus Transport to Church

HillingtonĀ Park Church is blessed with having access to a mini bus which is used for transporting some of our members on a Sunday morning.

These members who, for various reasons, may otherwise struggle to get to church to share in fellowship.

The mini bus is provided byHazelwood School at the park end of Mosspark Boulevard. The head teacher and janitors have been wonderful in their support and cooperation for this project and other than a couple of teething problems and the occasional weekend when the bus is unavailable, the arrangements are robust and work well.

We currently have eleven drivers who operate on a rota basis meaning almost exactly one duty per quarter. They are a flexible team and are more than willing to cover for each other if, as can happen, a duty is unsuitable.

There are ten happy passengers and although sometimes illness or holidays can mean some people missing a week or two there is normally a full compliment. It is a time for a catch up blether for them all.

The passenger list is managed by the pastoral care team and it is limited to ten for safety reasons. When a space becomes available, they prayerfully consider all who could benefit from that space and then pass that information on to the bus managers for implementation.

Thanks to all who help with the running of this bus and their encouragement is very much appreciated. It is a great blessing to the users.