To all Friends and Staff of the ARK

To all Friends and Staff of the ARK,

I hope all who help in the Shop are coping with this lockdown situation.   I am sure you are all missing serving and chatting to our customers.  Unfortunately I have no idea when we will be able to re-open the shop, but I would like to put plans in place in order to be ready when the time comes.

I feel it will be quite easy for us to adhere to the guidelines of keeping the 2 metre distancing.   Only two customers would be allowed in the shop at the same time, one would be allowed to be at the card section while another could be at the gifts on the opposite side of the shop.   Other customers would wait outside where the 2 metre distance will be marked off.

I am looking into a plastic shield being fitted on the counter incorporating the 2 metre distance from customers when staff are serving.

I would recommend that all staff wear a face covering [scarf] or mask and use disposable gloves,  If required, we would provide each staff member with a dedicated mask and we would have a supply of disposable gloves.

All customers will be asked to wear a mask while in the shop and a supply of these would be available for them to put on when they enter and there would be a container at the door for them to place them in as they leave.   All masks or face coverings which we provide would require to be washable. 

All other safety precautions will be put in place.

My neighbor has very kindly made 30 really nice and airy face masks for the shop which are washable. I would like to ask if anyone else would be willing to make up some masks for the Shop.   There are patterns on line and some are relatively simple if you are crafty!   We would probably need at least 100 to ensure we did not run out and I would be most grateful to anyone who would be willing and able to make some, or you may have a friend who could help us with this.  My neighbor has offered to give me the pattern which I can pass on to you or anyone else.   Please let me know if you or anyone else can help out.

I will try and let everyone know when the shop will be able to open.   Meantime, stay home, stay safe and I look forward to seeing you all and welcoming you all back when it is safe to do so.

Kind regards,

Jan Blackie